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Nail Treatments

Mainicure with Standard Polish £15
French Manicure with Standard Polish £15
Manicure with Shellac £25
French Manicure with Shellac £28
Japanese Manicure £25
Spa Pedicure with Standard Polish £25
Spa Pedicure with Shellac £35
Japanese Pedicure £30
File and Standard Polish on Natural Nails £8
File and Standard Polish on Toes £10
File and Shellac Polish on Toes £20
Acrylic Full Set with Standard Polish £25
Acrylic Infil with Standard Polish £23
Acrylic Full Set with Shellac £35
Acrylic Infil with Shellac £28
Acrylic Full Set with Ombre Powder £35
Acrylic Infil with Ombre Powder £28
Acrylic Full Set White Tip £25
Acrylic Infil White Tip £18
Acrylic Overlay on Natural Nails with Standard Polish £20
Acrylic Overlay on Natural Nails with Shellac £25
Acrylic on One Toe £3
Acrylic/Gel One Nail Fix £3
Full Set Gel Extensions £35
Gel Extensions Infill £30
Full Set Gel Extensions with Ombre £40
Gel Extension Infil with Ombre £30
Full Set Gel Extensions with French £40
Gel Overlay on Natural Nails with Shellac £27
Nail Art Designs (from) £3
Diamond Gems (x10) £3
Chrome (x10) £5
Take Off £10
Take Off (with New Set) £5


Eyelash Treatments

Full Set Classic Lashes £50
Classic Infill £30
Full Set Hybrid Lashes £60
Hybrid Infill £35
Full Set Russian Volume Lashes £70
Russian Infill £40
Full Set Mega Volume Lashes £80
Mega Infill £45


Lash Lift £45
Lash Lift with Tint £50
Eyelash Tint £10
Eyebrow Tint £5
Eyelash Removal (With new set) £5
Eyelash Removal £10
Eyelash Removal (Not my Work) £15

Facial Treatments

Hydro Facial £99
Deep Cleanse Galvanic Facial £50
Deep Clean Facial £45
Acne Treatment £65
Pigmentation Treatment £65
Diamond Facial £45
Brightening Facial £45
Oxygen Glowing Facial £60
LED Treatment £50
Rejuvenating LED Facial £50
Revitalize Facial £80
Micro-current Facial £80
Micro-current Stimulatory Facial £70
Super Anti-aging Facial £75
Mini Classic Facial £25
Skin Analyser £35

Deep Cleanse Facial

A tailored facial to the standards and needs of every client. Cleanse, Exfoliate, Steam, Extractions, Serums, Masks, Creams SPF and done. Detox your skin from the inside out, cleanse, smooth out any texture and balance your skins PH. (Redness, Breakouts for 2-3 days due to detoxing from underneath).

Super Anti-Ageing Facial

A facial created for clients with fine lines or wrinkles. For ages 25 to start preventing to 60 and above. Just a treat for our skins elasticity and glow.

Hydra facial

Hydra Facial MD its a medical grade rejuvenation that deep cleanses, detoxifies, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates in one treatment that is suitable for any skin type such as normal, oily, dry, sensitive, and ageing. Helps with fine lines and wrinkles, Minimises pores and improves hyper pigmentation.

Radiance Galvanic Facial

In other words a galvanic facial uses medium amperage direct current to stimulate your skin cells, soften the skin and pushes products deep into the layers of the skin. Improves the hydration levels of the blood circulation to produce collagen thereby making your skin radiant and firm.

Mini LED Facial

A light therapy facial can stimulate collagen production that reduces fine lines and wrinkles as well as eliminations acne-causing bacteria, which improves skin clarity. Double cleanse, exfolitate, shiradara elasticity face massage with serums based on skin type, LED mask, cream based on skin type, SPF and done. Quick boost and prevent facial for maintaining your skins clarity and glow.


Full Body Massage £50
Back Massage (30 mins) £30
Indian Head Massage £30


Under Arms £55
Full Arms £145
Lower Half Arms £65
Upper Half Arms £95
Chest £120
Stomach £115
Chest and Stomach £215
Belly Button and Centre Line £55
Full Back £155
Full Back and Shoulders £215
Lower Back or Upper Back £120
Upper back and Shoulders £135
Full Legs £175
Full Legs and Bikini Line £275
Full Legs and Buttocks £295
Upper Thighs (3/4) £160
Lower Legs (Half) £145
Hands or Feet £35
Buttocks £95
Bikini Line £75
Brazillian £125
Hollywood including Peri Anal £175
Hollywood Standard (No Peri Anal) £165
Full Body Laser £245
Full Body Laser with Face £285
Upper Lip £35
Chin £35
Chin and Lower Lip Line and Below Chin £55
Chin and Full Neck £85
Half Neck £35
Side Burns £35
Side Burns and Cheeks £55
Eyebrow Top Only £20
Nose £10
Ears £10
Forehead £45
Full Face £95
Full Face and Neck £110


Mens Manicure £15
Mens Pedicure £22
Mens Luxury Manicure £20
Mens Cheek Threading £6
Mens Eyebrow Threading £8
Mens Laser Half Cheeks and Neck £75
Mens Laser Cheeks above Beard Line £35
Mens Laser Beard Area £95
Mens Laser Beard Line Shape £95


Warm Wax Hot Wax
Half arms £10 £10
Full arms £15 £15
Underarms £10 £15
Half legs £15 £15
Full legs £25 25
Full Back £18 £22
Bikini Line £15 £20
Hollywood £22 £30
Full Body £70 £75
Eyebrows £4 £5
Upper Lip/Chin £3 £5
Sides £7 £8
Full Face £13 £15


Eyebrows £5
Upper Lip/Chin £3
Sides £7
Forehead £4
Full Face £13



6 Sessions Underarms £119
6 Sessions Full Face £300
6 Sessions Hollywood £399
6 Sessions Full Legs £499
6 Sessions Full Body £899
6 Sessions Upper Lip £99
6 Sessions Bikini Line £149

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Jamila Lashes

Our Jamila strip lashes are animal cruelty free, resusable up to 25 times, mink and have a thick band for ease.
In our salon, you can purchase our eyelashes by asking one of our technicians.


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